EXPOTOPIA - Les expos belges

By : Divers

Belgique, PAL, LIVRE - DVD - 151 min
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English title: EXPOTOPIA - The Belgian World's Fairs
Original title: EXPOTOPIA – Les expos belges

directed by several filmmakers
Belgium, PAL, Book -dvd - 151 min
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Languages : English, French, Dutch
Subtitles and navigation : English, French, Dutch

The Brussels World's Fair of 1958 was an important moment in the postwar history of Belgium. It was also an important monument in honour of a modern utopian era which was to bring peace and reconciliation to mankind, with the help of new technologies. Belgium was well served when it came to world fairs in the twentieth century: as well as Expo 58, there were fairs in Brussels in 1935, in Antwerp and Liège in 1930, in Ghent in 1913 and again in Brussels in 1910. A mixture of futurism, exoticism and traditionalism defined these fairs. They fixed their respective epochs, including the dreams, obsessions and anxieties that came with them. As of 1910, these historical snap-shots were themselves fixed on film by a varied range of directors. The Royal Belgian Film Archive is browsing in its collection.

The airship “Ville de Bruxelles” wins a prize, followed by images of the fire that destroyed parts of the Fair during the night of 14 August. Extracts from two Gaumont newsreels. Music by Hughes Maréchal.

WORLD'S FAIR GHENT 1913 [3'12'']
Newsreels of the official opening on 26 April in the presence of the royal family. King Albert I inaugurates a statue in honour of the Van Eyck brothers (Gaumont). Music by Hughes Maréchal.

WORLD'S FAIR ANTWERP 1930 [13'38'']
Report on the World Fair. Music by Hughes Maréchal.

WORLD'S FAIR LIEGE 1930 [5'44'']
Historic parade in the centre of Liège. Meeting at the World Fair. Images of the Spanish pavilion. Music by Hughes Maréchal.

WORLD'S FAIR BRUSSELS 1935. A Retrospective [11'06'']
Opening of the World Fair the 26th of April in the presence of the royal family. Aerial images and fireworks.

PUBLICITOPIA 1935 [10'10'']
Compilation of publicity films from the thirties: Beurre belge, Aiglon, Marmiton, Nieuw Gent, Piedboeuf, FN.

WORLD'S FAIR MEMORIES AND FANTASY, André Verhaeghe 1959 [73'22'']
Long amateur film in colour by André Verhaeghe about a two-day visit to the World Fair.

Little Thierry visits the expo with his parents, but he prefers to do so on his own. On his discovery trip, he meets little Martine.

PUBLICITOPIA 1958 [13'05'']
Compilation of publicity films from the fifties: Expo bread, Chat Noir, refrigerators, English Electric washing machines, Fablon, Noxon, De Keyn, Spic & Span, Simmons, Black & Decker, La Perle, Dip.