By : Dusan Hanak

With : Roman Klosowski, Iva Janzurov� et Milan Jelic
Slovaquie, 1989, 95 min
DVD zone 2, couleur,
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Directed by Dusan Hanak

With : Roman Klosowski, Iva Janzurov� and Milan Jelic
Slovakia, 1989, 95 min
DVD zone 2, color

Original title: JA MILUJEM, TY MILUJES

Original Slovakian version with French subtitles

I LOVE YOU LOVE is a Czech drama film directed in 1989 by Du�an Han�k. Made in 1980, the film entered cinemas nine years later, because of a ideological ban.
Pista is an unmarried man who works at a freight wagon which carries letters and parcels. Alcohol helps him to overcome his handicap of being short and not good-looking. He wishes he had a woman, but the woman he really wants, ageing Vera who reloads the cargoes, has a soft spot for another man. So, Pista has nobody and nothing, except for senile mother who sometimes fails to recognize him.
The film was entered into the 39th Berlin International Film Festival where Han�k won the Silver Bear for Best Director.

The Slovak director Dusan Hanak was one of Czech cinema's brightest and best talents of the '60s and '70s, but because of censorship this was not manifest until the late '80s. Hanak made an impact on the film world with his auspicious debut 322 (1969). Though banned until 1988, when it was finally released, it earned international acclaim and the Grand Prix award at the Mannheim Film Festival. Hanak's sophomore effort, the documentary IMAGES OF AN ODL WORLD (OBRAZY STAREHO SVETA, completed in 1972), was also not released until 1988 and neither was his 1980 film I LOVE YOU LOVE (JA MILUJEM, TY MILUJES). Hanak's next film, directed in 1976, ROSE TINTED DREAMS (RUZOVE SNY) turned out to be another original work.

DVD release : May the 23rd