By : John Halas et Joy Batchelor

Royaume-Uni, 1954, 1.33, 4/3 - 70 mn
zone 2, couleur, mono

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Directed by : John Halas et Joy Batchelor

United Kingdom, 1954, 1.33, 4/3 - 70 mn
zone 2, color, mono

ANIMAL FARM captures the spirit of Orwell's timeless political allegory with compassion. A fine example of classic animation, the film remains today as relevant as ever. The story of the animal's uprising and their inevitable discovery that even amongst themselves "some are more equal than others" is expertly designed and animated. Now fully restored from the original three-strip Technicolor negative, the film can be seen in its original superb colour and detail.

The Halas & Batchelor Cartoon Company was founded in 1940 by husband and wife John Halas and Joy Batchelor. Their collection, which includes film prints, stills, scripts, papers, and thousands of original cells, has been passed on to us by their daughter Vivien Halas, who retains commercial rights.
The Halas & Batchelor story reveals a uniquely prolific contribution to animation in Britain. They were once dubbed the king and queen of British animation. They hold an unequalled position as a British counterpart to Disney. They transformed the animation business by working with an extraordinary range of talented individuals: artists, writers, performers and designers including Saul Bass, Alberto Cavalcanti, Peter Sellers, Henry Moore, Sir Michael Redgrave and Ronald Searle.

Content and bonus :
Master restored
English and French versions
Audio-comments by the cinema Historian Brian Sibley
Making of : Stay Tooned (29 mn), producted by BBC
Original storyboard
Drawings with comments
Diaporama with comments about the film production
Teaching file (in english)
Comics from the film (in English)
Panorama of Halas and Batchelor productions (15 min)

Watch a video excerpt :

Ext La Ferme Des Animaux
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