By : Bernard Dartigues

With : Philippe Caubère
France, zone 2, 16/9 - 180 mn
Couleur , stereo Image : Pascal Caubère
Son : Jean-Louis Richet et Philippe Olivier
Produit par Véronique Coquet pour la Comédie Nouvelle

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English title: CHILDREN OF THE SUN

Directed by Bernard Dartigues.
Starring : Philippe Caubère.

1995, France, zone 2, 16/9 - 180 mn, Color, Stereo
Image : Pascal Caubère
Sound : Jean-Louis Richet and Philippe Olivier
Producted by Véronique Coquet for the "Comédie Nouvelle"

First Part of "The Love Trilogy" ("La trilogie amoureuse")
A play written and played by Philippe Caubère

Philippe Caubère's spectacular vision is to create different plays (11) dealing with his own life - ARIANE or The Golden Age is the second play of the serial. In the very first film LES ENFANTS DU SOLEIL, Ariane brings her performing troupe together after the summer break and ask her actors to improvise with comedia dell'arte masks - then the troupe gears up for lots of performances. The actor Ferdinand Faure joins meanwhile the troupe. In this film, the majestic performances of the "children of the sun" entertains and inspires the viewer with its vivid evocation of life. Philippe Caubère excels in it : his play is brimming over with laughs, tears, love, hate and jealousy.

Show presented in 2 parts

Bonus DVD 1 : Presentation of the show, Arguments of the director
Bonus DVD 2 : Rehearsals, Interview with Philippe Caubère, Biography

Watch a video excerpt :

Ext Les enfants du Soleil
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