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Belgique, PAL, LIVRE - DVD - 120 min
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SABENA - Belgian World Airlines

Belgium, PAL, Book - dvd - 120 min
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Language : English - French - Dutch
Subtitles : English - French - Dutch

Aviation was still in its early days when the Société Anonyme Belge d'Exploitation de la Navigation Aérienne was founded. Thirteen unique archive films narrate the rise and fall of Sabena, featuring the different facets and periods: the first small-scale civil aviation experiments in Haren, the increasingly longer routes, the fleet in constant evolution, the flights to Belgian Congo, the experiments with the helicopter at the end of the fifties and the coming of jet aircraft, reflecting what has become our faster, more hectic way of life. In the booklet, aviation expert Etienne Reunis gives a comprehensive, detailed account of the Sabena saga and ten privileged Sabena actors retell the story from a more personal perspective.

PROLOGUE (Anonymous, 1910-1911, 8'16'')
BRUSSELS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (Anonymous, 1924-1925, 7'14'')
BELGIAN WINGS OVER AFRICA (Paul Pichonnier, 1950, 9'50'')
AN HOUR AT MELSBROEK (Anonymous, 1950, 3'29'')
THE INVISIBLE TEAM (René van de Weerdt, 1951, 19'26'')
THANKS TO THE HELICOPTER (Anonymous, 1953, 5'03'')
MODERN GAMES (René van de Weerdt, 1953, 3'47'')
SABENA – NEWS N°1 (René van de Weerdt, 1953, 7'14'')
BELGIUM IN THE SKY (Jan Botermans, 1958, 17'34'')
THE SUNSHINE CARAVELLE (Alexandre Podolski, 1961-1962, 10'14'')
JET (Patrick Ledoux, 1960, 17'45'')
WITH SABENA IT'S NO DREAM (Publicity films, 1960-1998, 8'52'')
EPILOGUE (Anonymous, 2001, 0'29'')

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