By : Ernst Lubitsch

With : John Barrymore, Camilla Horn
USA, 1929, PAL, 4/3 - 80 mn
zone 2, N&B, muet avec musique originale et bruits additionnels d'époque
5.00 €


Directed by : Ernst Lubitsch

With : John Barrymore, Camilla Horn
USA, 1929, PAL, 4/3, 80 mn
zone 2, black and white, silent film with original music and additional period sounds

Original version , French version
French subtitles

The story of ETERNAL LOVE takes place during the events leading up to the war of 1806. French conquerors order Swiss villagers to surrender arms. All but Marcus (Barrymore), comply. Pia, a wild mountain girl, vows to win Marcus for herself, even though he is already in love with Ciglia, the preacher's daughter. During the town masquerade, Marcus drinks too much and frightens Ciglia with his raw passion. Pia sees her opportunity to win Marcus. Still masked, she seduces him and then forces him to marry her. Despairing, Ciglia weds townsman Lorenz Gruber. Unfolding political events bring the character's hidden passions to the fore, and the true lovers at last unite in an otherworldly ending.
This is the first opportunity outside of rare archive screenings to see this unknown film by film great, Ernst Lubitsch. The drama features a marvelously boisterous performance by John Barrymore (complete with a fantastic drunk scene) and Camilla Horn (the gorgeous star of F. W. Murnau's FAUST). Although a heroic historical tale, the Lubitsch "touch" can be found throughout the film. Barrymore's intimate, brooding and sexual performance, shows the great actor's magnetism with women on stage and off. His love scenes with Camilla Horn are among both actors' best performances on film. ETERNAL LOVE was Lubitsch's last silent film effort and fortunately the sound discs survived of the original score. Preserved from the best archival materials, the picture quality is absolutely stunning.
His urbane comedies of manners gave him the reputation of being Hollywood's most elegant and sophisticated director; as his prestige grew, his films were promoted as having "the Lubitsch touch."
In 1947 he received an Honorary Academy Award for his distinguished contributions to the art of the motion picture, and he was nominated three times for Best Director.

Bonus : Extracts of THE MISSING LINK (Le chaînon manquant) (30 mn)

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