By : Dominique Deruddere

With : Josse De Pauw, Geert Hunaerts, Michael Pas, Gene Bervoets
Belgique, 1987, PAL, 16/9 - 83 min
toutes zones, couleur, dolby digital 2.0

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Directed by : Dominique Deruddere
With : Josse De Pauw, Geert Hunaerts, Michael Pas, Gene Bervoets
Belgium, 1987, PAL, 16/9 - 83 min
All zones, Colors, dolby digital 2.0

Language Dutch
Subtitles English, French, Dutch

Three nights in the life of a man hopelessly searching for love, based on a novel by Bukowski. In the first episode Harry Voss is 12 years old and still naïve enough to think that love is like it is in the movies: a prince romances a princess and kisses her solemnly on the lips while end credits roll. Harry wants to become like his father – a knight who married Harry’s mother on a lonely mountaintop. But he still has a lot to learn about “fucking” and what you have to do when it “itches”. In episode two he is a teenager who discovers that some people are beautiful and others are ugly, life is unjust and alcohol helps. Episode three finds Harry as an adult: a bum who was never able to fully work out his psychological problems. He no longer believes in fairy tales, but his longing for that one true love is stronger than ever before. To fulfill this dream, he seems capable of anything.

Bonus :
Documentary : CRAZY LOVE ARCHIVES (36')
Short films : KILLING JOKE (1980), WODKA ORANGE (1982)

One of the great names of Belgian cinema, Dominique Deruddere has been passionate about filmmaking since he was a child. Thanks to his older brother, who lent him his movie camera, young Dominique managed to make his own films, starting in super 8 at the age of fourteen (with ORANGE LICHT), proceeding to 16mm (with BEDANKT MA) before accessing to 35 mm (with WODKA ORANGE). After these shorts - made before, during and after his film school years, Deruddere collaborated with his childhood friend Marc Didden, co-writing the script of BRUSSELS BY NIGHT (1983) and playing a significant part in ISTANBUL (1985). In 1986, the young director made the right pick when he decided to film a story by Charles Bukovski. Indeed what was intended as a thirty minute short was, thanks to a far-seeing producer, expanded into a feature film. CRAZY LOVE (better known as LOVE IS A DOG FROM HELL) was indeed released worldwide, became a festival favorite and was unanimously acclaimed as an achievement. The film also drew the attention of Francis Ford Coppola who, through his Zoetrope production company, helped Derudder to set up his next project, an adaptation of John Fante's BANDINI, filmed in the USA in 1989, also distributed all over the world. Dominique Derudder came back to the States in 2001 to defend his film EVERYBODY FAMOUS, which had been nominated for the Best Foreign Film Academy Award. Among Deruddere's other films are : SUITE 16 (1994), HOMBRES COMPLICADOS (1997), POUR LE PLAISIR (2004) ...