By : Karel Zeman

With : Avec Emil Horv�th, Magda V��ryov�, Frantisek Filipovsk�,Cestm�r Randa
Tch�coslovaquie, 1970, 1.66 - 74 min
DVD zone 2, Couleurs, Mono, langues : tchèque, français / sous-titres : français, anglais, tchèque

Scénario : Karel Zeman et Jan Prochazka, d'après le roman de Jules Verne "Hector Servadac"
Photographie:Rudolf Stahl
Montage : Josef Valusiak
Musique : Lubos Fiser
réalisation : Karel Zeman
13.00 €

1968. A comet passes near the Earth and a portion of the african continent is thrown into space. During this forced journey, Captain Servadac and the beautiful Ang�lique will live a very unusual love story. The young french captain tries to convince his former ennemies that they should get together in order to defend themselves against the dangers that await them, but the utopia will not last for long...

A poetic journey between Jules Verne et Georges M�li�s.