By : Vilgot Sj�man

With : Bibi Andersson, Per Oscarsson, Jarl Kulle
Su�de, 1966, PAL, 1.66 - 89 mn
zone 2, N&B, mono
10.00 €

English title: MY SISTER MY LOVE
Original title: SYSKONB�DD 1782

Directed by : Vilgot Sj�man

With : Bibi Andersson, Per Oscarsson, Jarl Kulle

Sweden, 1966, PAL, 1.66 - 89 mn
zone 2, black and white, mono

Original Sweden version with French subtitles

Bonus : chaptering � booklet (24 pages) � restored version � new subtitles

Settled in Sweden in 1782. A young nobleman called Jacob (Per Oscarsson) leaves France to his home and his cherished sister Charlotte (Bibi Andersson) who is engaged to Baron Alsameden (Jarl Kulle). The siblings close relationship becomes incestuous and he fears the society would see them as libertines because of Charlotte�s pregnancy. The lovers ultimately choose to part, Jacob decides to leave the country and Charlotte to marry the Baron.

Vilgot Sj�man:
Best known for 1968�s twin arthouse scandaleous films I MA CURIOUS (YELLOW) and I AM CURIOUS (BLUE), the Swedish writer/director Vilgot Sj�man sustained a long and varied career as a filmmaker � a fact generally overlooked by cinephiles on the near side of the Atlantic, where the majority of his features (sadly) fell through the cracks of distribution, evading cinematic and video release.
In his early days, Sj�man struggled as an aspiring playwright, to such a degree that he failed to find backing for any of his theatrical pieces (or producers with any interest in mounting them). He nonetheless carved alternate roads to success � and reworked one of his plays as a novel, which he later adapted as a movie screenplay for TROTS (DEFIANCE, 1952), directed by Gustaf Molander. Its triumph inspired the 28-year-old Sj�man to eschew theater for cinema, and in 1956 he high-tailed it to Los Angeles, with a scholarship to UCLA. He enrolled in a six-month film course and subsequently returned to Sweden.
With MY SISTER, MY LOVE (1966), the director reflected later that he �hit a wall� � he subsequently remarked to an interviewer, �I was trying to do a well-made play, translated into cinematic terms.�

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