By : Antoine Desrosières

With : Mathieu Demy, Gwennola Bothorel
Antoine Chappey, Zinedine Soualem, Howard Vernon
France, 2001, PAL, 1.66 - 75 mn
zone 2, N&B, stéréo Image:Philippe Barassat, Gwennola Bothorel, Antoine Desrosières
Image: Gérard Lechaptois
Son: Jean-Luc Audy, Jerome Ayasse, Frédéric Bielle, Gérard Rousseau
Montage: Nicolas le Du

Musique: Dominique A
6.00 €

English title: BANKRUPTCY
Original title: BANQUEROUTE

Directed by : Antoine Desrosières
with : Mathieu Demy, Gwennola Bothorel, Antoine Chappey, Zinedine Soualem, Howard Vernon
Music: Dominique A

France, 2001, PAL, 1.66 - 75 mn
zone 2, black and white, stéréo, french version

A quirky romantic thriller with a French twist... Nicolas Lanson, a young stockbroker, lives a fast life of money and luxury until the day his high-risk initiatives cause the fall of the bank. He flees with a price on his head. On the run, Nicolas meets Charlotte, pregnant for a man who doesn't want her. Although Nicolas isn't her type, Charlotte seduces him once she discovers his identity. Little does Nicolas know, Charlotte is not leading them to see her brother, but an older lover who just happens to be a cop.

Rotterdam International Film Festival: Nominated Tiger Award (2000)

BONUS: short film : L'HYDROLUTION (1989-9') ; interview of Antoine Desrosières (52') ; cut scenes (12'), trailer

ROM PART: Interviews of Antoine Desrosières and Dominique A.

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